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About us

The Flow Yoga Studio, located in the old medina of Marrakech, at the beautiful Riad Be Marrakech. Connect with your breath, body and spirit for adventure in the place where East meets West. At The Flow, you become part of a family of culture makers,  lovers of life, explorers and lifelong learners. Connect, relax, get grounded and explore another culture at The Flow Yoga Studio.


Meet the Team

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Merhaba! I am the director/head teacher at The Flow Yoga Studio Marrakech. I am a 200 hr CYT from the United States with almost 20 years experience living in and out of Morocco, studying its languages and culture and integrating into the lifestyles within the Marrakech medina and beyond. I am really looking forward to sharing my deep passion for Morocco and yoga with you.

Yoga came into my life when I opened to the possibility of training my body while engaging my mind. The practice gave me more than I had expected and along with the stronger body came a lighter mind. I’ve been living and breathing Marrakech for over eight years and I’m passionate about sharing my experience with those wanting to have another insight into the Moroccan culture.

We are a Swiss and Moroccan couple who started Riad BE Marrakech 4.5 years ago. Our riad has naturally attracted yogis, teachers and students from all over the world. We are pleased to be able to serve you all with the addition of The Flow yoga studio to our property. We are looking forward to hosting yoga retreats led by both international and local yoga teachers. Be Welcome! Come and bring our studio to life. 


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The Flow Yoga Studio

Riad BE Marrakech

23, Derb Sidi Lahcen o Ali

Bab Doukkala, 40030 Marrakech

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Email: contact@theflowyogastudio.com

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